The Haas Healthcare Association (HHA) is a student-run organization that brings together UC Berkeley students of all backgrounds with a shared mission to build a more connected and impactful healthcare ecosystem. HHA represents a broad group of students from across UC Berkeley, including the Haas School of Business, School of Public Health, Goldman School of Public Policy, and College of Engineering.


Our vision is to be the premier healthcare talent pipeline that attracts and empowers the most innovative thought leaders.


Our mission is to serve as an organization that equips and connects the most passionate minds in healthcare to develop innovative solutions for the world’s most difficult health challenges.




Jason Friedman - MBA/MPH '21

Harvard University '16

Internship: Omada Health, Product Management Intern in Behavioral Health

Pre-Haas: Putnam Associates, life sciences strategy and market research consulting

Jason developed an interest in population health management during market research with physicians on Medicare's Oncology Care Model (OCM). Jason is excited to explore population health at Kaiser Permanente and is passionate about using predictive analytics to improve clinical decision support.

Kyle Ames - MBA/MPH '21

United States Air Force Academy '11

Internship: Unite Us, Strategy Associate

Pre-Haas: Health Policy Advisor, State of Wisconsin

Kyle is an Air Force veteran committed to leveraging technology to bridge the health disparity gap. His career has focused on addressing the social determinants of health by directing non-profit housing programs and working in state government to expand Medicaid services to the underserved.

VPs Alumni

Chyi-Shin Shu - FTMBA '21

Harvard University '13

Internship: Google, GCS Revenue Strategy & Ops

Pre-Haas: Liberty Mutual, Consultant

Chyi-Shin has experience in data analytics and strategy consulting in the financial services industry. She is fascinated in the power of technology in the healthcare space and is excited to contribute in a meaningful way!​

Sharon Seh - EWMBA '21

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Pre-Haas: Healthcare, Consulting

Molecular Biologist turned Biopharma Product Manager, then pivoted to Strategy Consulting for healthcare, retail and PE companies in the US and Asia Pacific. Globe trotter, wine enthusiast, and avid scuba diver.

VPs Academics

Elena Gambon - MBA/MPH '21

Washington University in St. Louis '14

Internship: Manatt Health, Summer Analyst

Pre-Haas: Healthcare

Elena has spent her career in digital health and is interested in leveraging technology to deliver healthcare efficiently and at scale, particularly for marginalized populations. She is an avid yogi, polo enthusiast, and aspiring artist.

Lucas Kabs Yin Kim Sea - MBA/MPH '21

Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo '14

Internship: Foundation Medicine, Internal Data Strategy

Pre-Haas: Optum International, Market research; McKinsey & Company, Consultant

Lucas is passionate about developing patient-centric solutions in healthcare. He aims to work at the intersection of startups and corporate organizations, accelerating the adoption of innovative solutions at scale.

VPs Admissions

Kathryn Reynolds - MBA/MPH '21

Washington University in St. Louis '15

Internship: Kaiser Permanente NCAL, Internal Management Consultant

Pre-Haas: AmeriCorps, Volunteer; Health-tech product marketing and management

Kathryn is passionate about leveraging human-centered design to elevate patient and provider voice into economically viable healthcare products and services. When not MBA-ing, she is often nerding out about plants, cooking with tons of butter, or painting along to Bob Ross vids.

Josh Raines - MBA/MPH '21

Temple University '13

Internship: Doximity, Business Development & Ops

Pre-Haas: Deloitte Consulting

Too curious about the world to remain a professional musician, Josh pivoted into a consulting career in 2015 which introduced him to the healthcare world. Josh is at Haas to learn how tech firms are working with more traditional players to make healthcare better for all.

VPs Careers

Corrine Marquardt - MBA/MPH '21

Georgetown University '14

Internship: Vida Health, Medical Affairs Intern

Pre-Haas: Deloitte Consulting (Federal)

Corrine is passionate about the intersection of software development and patient-centered healthcare. Prior to Haas, she consulted primarily for the FDA, helping them to solve challenges including drug approval process enhancements and designing a new regulatory pathway for digital health devices.

Gina Deitz - MBA/MPH '21

Connecticut College '13

Internship: Abbott, Product Strategy and Marketing

Pre-Haas: Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Senior Program Manager

With experience in quality improvement and large-scale mobilization, Gina is passionate about leveraging technology to create better systems of care while ensuring access and reducing health disparities. She's on the student advisory board for the Center for Equity, Gender, and Leadership and pretends she can still play soccer with the Haas Soccer Club.

Nathan Hanna - EWMBA '21

Michigan State University '11

Role: Impossible Foods, Manufacturing Engineer

Pre-Haas: Shell Oil

Nathan has over eight years of experience in process engineering, control systems, operations management, process automation, and regulatory compliance. Currently, he is working at Impossible Foods as a Manufacturing Engineer to make the world’s food supply chain tastier, safer, more sustainable.

VPs Community

Ami Patel - MBA/MPH '21

US Military Academy at West Point, '11

Pre-Haas: US Army, Company Commander

Ami brings a deep experience in leadership and crisis management from her career in the US Army to her experience at Haas. She is interested in perfecting the logistics of quality healthcare to serve those most in need.

VP Public Health

Morrise A Richardson - MPH '21

UC Riverside '16

Pre-Haas: Government

Morrise is passionate about integrating social determinants of health into health care delivery. On the weekends you can catch him doing photography and visiting museums.


Cheick O Diarra - EWMBA '22

University of California San Francisco, PharmD '17  Arizona State University, BS, '09

Role: Rakuten Health, Safety Operations Specialitst

Pre-Haas: Biotech

Cheick has been working in Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Safety the past 3 years and is hoping to eventually pursue a career in investment, focusing mainly on the healthcare/biotech sector. Cheick loves catching up with friends and family members on his free-time.

Julie Reynolds - MBA/MPH '21

Umass Amherst '12

Internship: Evidation, Corporate and Product Strategy Intern

Pre-Haas: Foundation Medicine

After supporting product launches in both the oncology pharma and device spaces, Julie wants to manage a product and run a product launch of her own. She is curious about how we can improve healthcare by intelligently applying technology and has a passion for solving problems in oncology.

VP  Entrepreneurship

Dan Cloutier - EWMBA '21

Cornell University '11

Role: Omada Health, Business Development

Pre-Haas: Epic, PwC, Accenture, Striiv

After starting his career focused on provider innovation, Dan jumped into the startup world, developing strategic partnerships to help scale health tech companies and focusing primarily on the wellness and chronic diseases space. He's excited to see how technology can improve holistic health.

VP  Finance

Holly Cramer - MBA/MPH '21

UC Berkeley, '15

Internship: Kaiser Permanente, Regional Portfolio Management Office Intern

Pre-Haas: Humanitarian Assistance

Holly cares deeply about improving the systems and tools that support people through crises. She previously managed humanitarian assistance programs for refugees and displaced populations in the Middle East.

VPs Marketing

Rohan D'Souza, MD - MBA/MPH '21

St. John's Medical College, India '14

Internship: Genentech, Blockchain & Agile Software

Pre-Haas: Pfizer, InnAccel, Medtive, Lyfgrid

Rohan D'Souza is a physician by training and has worked across Big Pharma, BioDesign Research, Medical Devices, InsureTech, and Health Policy. He is passionate about the various intersections of healthcare & technology.

Ben Delikat - MBA/MPH '21

Fordham University '13

Internship: DoximityBusiness Development & Operations Intern

Pre-Haas: Peer Health Exchange, Inc. Health Education, Health Policy, Non-Profit Management

Ben is passionate about Health Equity work that addresses the social determinants of health and helps communities achieve their full potential. He enjoys spending his free time outside backpacking, long-distance running, and biking.

VPs Partnerships

Sophie Schonfeld - MBA/MPH '21

Tufts University '15

Internship: Kaiser Permanente

Pre-Haas: Healthcare Consulting

Sophie is passionate about improving the conditions through which communities live, work, and play. She has worked to improve food, transportation, and economic security in states across the US, and is interested in how technology can play a role in reducing health disparities.

Will Herling - MBA/MPH '21

Colgate University '12

Internship: OneFifteen, Payment & Strategy Intern

Pre-Haas: Remedy Partners (now Signify Health)

Prior to Haas, Will launched the addiction and behavioral health value-based payment model and care redesign efforts at Remedy Partners in NYC. He’s especially interested in how digital health and new value-based incentive systems will interact to transform the addiction treatment care system.

VPs Global Health

Aishwarya Sukumar - MBA/MPH '21

University of Cambridge '13

Carnegie Mellon University '12

Internship: Gates Ventures, Healthcare Fellow

Pre-Haas: Simon-Kucher & Partners, Strategy Consultant; Wyss Institute, Harvard Medical School, Postgraduate Fellow

Aishwarya has extensive experience in commercialization strategy for pharma/biotech companies, and in life sciences research for five years prior to that. She is passionate about health equity, and bringing sustainable innovations to market. She loves hiking, pilates, and playing the violin.

Nicole Savage - MBA/MPH '21

Duke University '15

Internship: Johnson & Johnson, Global Market Access Intern

Pre-Haas: Population Services International, Regional Evidence Fellow, West Africa; United Nations Foundation, Global Health Associate

Nicole is passionate about building partnerships to design, finance, and scale programs that will improve health outcomes for the world's most underserved populations. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, playing sports, going to concerts, and exploring new places and cultures.


The Haas Healthcare Association (HHA) is a student-run organization that brings together UC Berkeley students of all backgrounds with a shared mission to build a more connected and impactful healthcare ecosystem.


Email: hha@haas.berkeley.edu

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