The Haas Healthcare Association (HHA) is a student-run organization that brings together UC Berkeley students of all backgrounds with a shared mission to build a more connected and impactful healthcare ecosystem. HHA represents a broad group of students from across UC Berkeley, including the Haas School of Business, School of Public Health, Goldman School of Public Policy, and College of Engineering.


Our vision is to be the premier healthcare talent pipeline that attracts and empowers the most innovative thought leaders.


Our mission is to serve as an organization that equips and connects the most passionate minds in healthcare to develop innovative solutions for the world’s most difficult health challenges.


Haas Healthcare Association 2021 Leadership Team


Songwen Chen - MBA/MPH '22

Taryn Stromback - MBA/MPH '22

VPs Career

Kendall Stuscavage - MBA/MPH '22

Nick Gerwe - EWMBA '22

Patrick Yang - FTMBA '22

Ghita Soulimani - EWMBA '23

VPs Academics

Gabe Manion - MBA/MPH '22

VP Admissions

Andres Romero - MBA/MPH '21

Alex Trombetta - MBA/MPH '22

VP Finance

Julia Benjamin - FTMBA '22

VPs Programming

Rachel Prensky-Pomeranz - MBA/MPH '22

Monica Parakh - MBA/MPH '22

Jamie Zhou - MPH '22

VPs Marketing

Bailey Daum - MBA/MPH '22

Tori Wilbur - FTMBA '22

Tessa Dewell - FTMBA '22

VPs Case Competition

Mika Hyden - MBA/MPH '22

Mo Dubovoy - FTMBA '22