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We are a student-run organization that brings together UC Berkeley students of all backgrounds with a shared mission to build a more connected and impactful healthcare ecosystem. HHA represents a broad group of students from across UC Berkeley, including the Haas School of Business, School of Public Health, Goldman School of Public Policy, and College of Engineering.


Our vision is to empower and serve our members and to foster health innovation and thought leadership within our community


Our mission is to support the health-focused endeavors of the UC Berkeley community by delivering educational, professional, and social resources and programming.

Meet the 2024 Leadership Team


Amanda Harris_RHC copy - Amanda Nicole Harris.jpg

Amanda Harris (she/her)


Background: Community Health Non-Profits

Target Industry/Function: Payer | Provider | Health Policy

Healthcare Interests: Medicaid Innovation | Health Equity

VP Admissions

DSC02891 - Katherine Kiang.jpg

Katherine Kiang (she/her)


Background: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Target Industry/Function: Pharmaceutical Business Strategy

Healthcare Interests: Health Equity | Pharmaceuticals | Novel Medications

October2021Wallpapers-Sunday-26 - Jennie Suzanne Doucet.jpg

Jennie Doucet (she/her)


Background: Biotechnology Management Consulting

Target Industry/Function: Biotechnology | Commercial | Business Development

Healthcare Interests: Advanced Therapeutics | Patient Access

VP Finance & Partnerships

Cynthia Brzezinski Headshot - Cynthia Elizabeth Brzezinski.png

Cinthya Brzezinski (she/her)

MBA '25

Background: Healthcare M&A EconomicsConsulting

Target Industry/Function: Business Development | Strategy | Health Tech

Healthcare Interests: Transforming Aging

VPs Career

IMG_2161 - Alex Mora.jpeg

Alex Mora (she/her)


Background: Life Sciences Consulting

Target Industry/Function: Business Development | Corporate Strategy

Healthcare Interests: Digital Health | Health Equity | Women's Health

DSC07105 - Danni Yang.jpeg

Danni Yang (she/her)


Background: Healthcare Economic Consulting

Target Industry/Function: Health Tech | Product

Healthcare Interests: Healthcare Innovation | Digital Health | Health Equity

VPs Case Competition

DSC05063 - Eli Mazack Bresler.jpg

Eli Bresler (he/him)

MBA '25

Background: Mental Health | Marketing | Nonprofit Leadership

Target Industry/Function: Strategy - Health Tech / Mental Health

Healthcare Interests: Mental Health | Health Tech

640a645f-f167-4505-8945-c939ca497752 - Tommaso Di Vico.jpeg

Tommaso Di Vico (he/him)

MBA '25

Background: Consulting

Target Industry/Function: Health Tech | Healthcare Consulting

Healthcare Interests: Mental / Behavioral Health

VPs Marketing

headshot - Arthur Tran.jpg

Arthur Tran (he/him)

MBA '25

Background: Healthcare Economic Consulting | Healthcare Data & Analytics

Target Industry/Function: Healthcare Strategy | Healthcare Innovation 

Healthcare Interests: Health Tech | Health Equity


Xin Chen (he/him)


Background: Cell & Gene Therapy Consulting

Target Industry/Function: Biotech | Health Tech

Healthcare Interests: Health Tech | Innovative Therapies | Synthetic Biology

VPs Programming

Headshot - Kiana Rahni.jpeg

Kiana Rahni (she/her)


Background: Health Strategy Consulting

Target Industry/Function: Global Health & Development

Healthcare Interests: Human-Centered Design | Global Market Access | Patient Care Navigation

VP Academics

1698527095807 - Ken Mizuno.jpeg

Ken Mizuno (he/him)


Background: Consulting

Target Industry/Function: Health Tech

Healthcare Interests: Digital Health

DSC07106 - Sukanya Mukherjee.jpg

Sukanya Mukherjee (she/her)


Background: Federal Health Consulting

Target Industry/Function: Healthcare Strategy

Healthcare Interests: Global Health | Biotech/Pharma | Vaccine Market Access


IMG_1180 (1) - Molly Woerner.jpg

Molly Woerner (she/her)

MPH '25

Background: Clinical Research | Digital Mental Health Research | Non-Profit Development

Target Industry/Function: Healthcare Strategy & Operations | Healthcare Innovation

Healthcare Interests: Healthcare Access & Efficacy | Digital Mental Health | Healthcare Policy

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